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Welcome to Peterson’s Weapons Combat/Self-Defense Technology (PWCST) or Sistema de Combate. This system, is a one of a kind weapons training system that implements the defensive and offensive tactics of self defense training. PWCST is designed to give the practitioner an arsenal of tools that can help to achieve a greater awareness for modern day situations. It is the intent of PWCST to enhance any martial system or style, as such, we encourage all PWCST students to train in a classical, traditional, or sport martial art. By doing this you will fully evolve into a complete martial artist.
Our instructors are certified by the PWCST Federation and have extensive training in various martial systems and weapons tactics. We train our students for situations that involve:

Hand vs Hand
Weapon vs Hand
Weapon vs Weapon

All PWCST training is conducted paired up with a partner. This means constant movement and contact with your partner during training. PWCST is trained not only to traditional students but to Law Enforcement personnel, military personnel, and emergency service personnel. Call today for more information!

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